Dr. Salahuddin

Dr. Salahuddin of Vascular Neurology of Southern California

Meet Dr. Hisham Salahuddin, MD

A Specialist in Stroke Neurology

Dr. Salahuddin is a specialist in treating all disorders related to blood vessels of the brain.  He is board certified Neurologist, Vascular Neurologist and specialist in neuro-endovascular treatments.  He has dedicated his life to improving the quality of other people’s lives and aims to provide the highest quality care for patients with cerebrovascular diseases.  

A Versatile Neurologist

From his residency at the University of Toledo in Ohio to his Vascular Neurology fellowship at University of Texas Southwestern in Texas,  Dr. Salahuddin has developed expertise in the field of Stroke. He completed courses in biostatistics during his residency to allow him to collect, analyze, and interpret medical data and perform research in stroke.  He has been certified in Neurosonology which allows him to understand blood flow patterns based on ultrasound techniques.  

Determined to provide comprehensive stroke care, Dr. Salahuddin went on to obtain another fellowship in the field of neuro-intervention, where he became experienced in treating acute ischemic stroke, carotid stenosis, intracranial aneurysms & vascular malformations, tumor embolizations, and other complex cerebrovascular diseases. During his busy practice, he provided tele-stroke services to over 20 hospitals and transferred the most complex cases to his care.  

When a patient has a stroke, Dr. Salahuddin specializes in making a fast and accurate diagnosis, and providing urgent stroke care.  Dr. Salahuddin understands that providing stroke care is dependent on a large stroke team of experienced physicians, radiologists, nurses, therapists, and technologists.  He has shown leadership skills throughout his career and is the Director of the Comprehensive Stroke Program at Antelope Valley Hospital and provides acute stroke care at other facilities as well.

Patients First

Dr. Salahuddin has dedicated his life to improving the quality of other people’s lives and aims to provide the highest quality care for patients with cerebrovascular diseases. As a medical student, he co-founded a non-profit organization called Association for the Ill and Deprived (AID) which provided underprivileged patients medical care free of cost by developing and organizing fundraising medical seminars and courses.  This organization has now expanded to providing educational support to indigent people abroad.   

Dr. Salahuddin has contributed significantly to improving stroke care for patients nationwide.  He authored a landmark article on pre-hospital identification of patients with severe strokes and helped developed systems of care in conjunction with local Northwest Ohio Emergency Medical Services.  Through these systems, patients with severe strokes received earlier treatment with clot busting medications and endovascular therapy.   Dr. Salahuddin’s helped reduce door-to-groin puncture time to < 90 minutes for acute stroke patients and has performed over 1500 endovascular procedures in the last two years.  Dr. Salahuddin has been involved in multiple clinical research trials which allows his patients to get the most advanced treatments in the field of cerebrovascular diseases.   

Dr. Salahuddin has continued to publish articles on stroke care in elderly patients, in patients with distal occlusions, use of different thrombectomy techniques, treatment of intracranial aneurysms, and on optimal stroke care during the COVID pandemic.  Furthermore, he has authored book chapters in the field of Neurology and has presented at multiple medical conferences.  Dr. Salahuddin also helped develop innovative technologies to help detect visual loss in patients with stroke symptoms who are being treated at remote hospitals and do not have access to stroke specialists in person.       

Recognition & Certifications

Dr. Salahuddin was the recipient of multiple teaching awards for medical students. Notable recognitions since 2011 include:  

  • Alpha Omega Alpha Society Honor Medical Society Induction as a faculty member (2020) 
  • Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurologists (SVIN) Grand Recipient (2019) 
  • Outstanding Neurology Resident Award (2017) 
  • The Gold Foundation’s Humanism and Excellence in Teaching award (2014-15, 2015-16).  

Consultation with Dr. Salahuddin

As time is brain in stroke, Dr. Salahuddin is always available for acute stroke consultations regardless of the day or time.  His patients are his highest priority.  Dr. Salahuddin always aims to provide patients with a complete understanding of their disease and their unique risk factors so patients are able to make goal oriented approach to reducing risk of cerebrovascular diseases.  

Dr. Salahuddin also provides outpatient consultations for patients who need to follow up after their stroke or need opinions on complex cerebrovascular disease.  During your consultation, you will notice that he has a friendly personality, calm demeanor and excellent bedside manner.  

“I love to be able to provide patients comfort and an understanding of their disease during their most difficult time.  There are many obstacles that each stroke patient has to overcome, which includes battling with their disease, financial and social obligations, and navigating the medical system.  My aim is to provide my patients the resources and support to overcome these obstacles and return to a normal and fulfilling life.”

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