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Vascular Neurology of Southern California staff Stephanie Amaro

Stephanie Amaro​

Practice Administrator

Stephanie Amaro serves as the Practice Administrator at Vascular Neurology of Southern California. She began her career as a Medical Assistant in 2015 and, over time, has developed a curiosity and passion for the administrative duties necessary to operate a successful medical practice. Stephanie’s responsibilities include the comprehensive oversight of day-to-day operations at VNSC’s Thousand Oaks, West Hills, Lancaster, and Las Vegas locations. She contributes to the expansion of the business by opening new office locations, hiring and training new staff members, credentialing physicians so that they may provide healthcare to our patient demographic, and establishing formal processes within the office to maintain an efficient work environment.

Stephanie supervises the company’s Medical Assistants; she ensures compliance with certification guidelines like OSHA, HIPAA, and FMLA. She manages billing and assists in complex insurance discussions, oversees the company payroll, sick leave, vacation requests, and overall staff and patient satisfaction.

Stephanie was initially drawn to healthcare because she enjoys helping patients coordinate their healthcare. She finds satisfaction and fulfillment in contributing to the healing process of our patients. Having been in the field for the entirety of her professional career, she understands how difficult it is for patients to navigate the nuance of medicine. Because of this, she is exceptionally compassionate and dedicated to the quality of healthcare VNSC provides.

Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and their toy poodle Coco in her spare time. They absolutely adore being in nature and specifically enjoy camping at Lake Cachuma.

A fun fact about Stephanie is that she is not afraid of heights and loves rollercoasters and bungee jumping.

Director of Clinical Research at VNSC Anastasia Vechera

Anastasia Vechera

Director of Clinical Research/Marketing Director

Anastasia Vechera serves as the Director of Clinical Research and the Marketing Director at Vascular Neurology of Southern California. Her role in research involves overseeing the entirety of the research process, which includes adherence to protocol and federal guidelines, submission of study documentation to the Institutional Review Board, contracting and budget negotiations with study sponsors, drafting and administering informed consent, patient recruitment, and participation management, disclosure of adverse events, and supporting the Principal Investigator. 


As Marketing Director, Anastasia manages VNSC social media by creating content and writing articles in community magazines and medical journals. She also has been working on the development of the VNSC app. 


Anastasia graduated with a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego. She earned the A. Irving Hallowell Award for her Honors Thesis titled The Sociality of Organ Transplantation: Uncertainty, Anxiety, and the Politics of Biomedical Knowledge. In 2020 she also completed a pre-medical certificate at the University of California, Los Angeles. Anastasia loves to spend time at indoor cycling studios, discovering new L.A. restaurants, traveling, and reading novels in her spare time. 

Vascular Neurology of Southern California staff Nicole Mercado

Nicole Mercado

Clinical Research Coordinator

Nicole Mercado serves as a Clinical Research Coordinator for Vascular Neurology of Southern California. Her role involves screening and administering informed consent for potential research participants, adhering to research protocol and guidelines, submission to the Institutional Review Board, reporting adverse events, organizing participant data and follow-up visits, managing daily clinical trial activities, and supporting the Principal Investigator. Nicole graduated with high honors from the University of California Santa Barbara with a B.A. in Biology. She is a tenacious and compassionate person who loves to learn. Nicole is an aspiring doctor herself and hopes to gain as much knowledge as possible about the medical field. When she isn’t hard at work or studying, she enjoys painting and rock climbing. A fun fact about Nicole is that she has been to all seven continents of the world. 

Vascular Neurology of Southern California staff Angeles Aguilera

Angeles Aguilera

Medical Assistant

Angeles Aguilera serves as a Medical Assistant at Vascular Neurology of Southern California. She was just 15 years old when she knew she was passionate about the medical field. She was initially inspired by her uncle, who was the first in her family to attend college and obtain a license as a surgical technician. To gain experience in healthcare, Angeles decided to work as a Medical Assistant. Her compassion and eagerness to assist patients are qualities that patients become aware of instantly. Angeles hopes to one day follow in the foot’s steps of her uncle and become a surgical technician. She enjoys hiking, traveling to Las Vegas to visit her family, and spending time with her siblings in her spare time. A fun fact about Angeles is that she loves butterflies and watching Chicago Med.

Vascular Neurology of Southern California staff Ashley Molina

Ashley Molina

Medical Assistant

Ashley Molina serves as a Medical Assistant at Vascular Neurology of Southern California. She began her career by obtaining a license in medical assisting in 2015 and has been working diligently in the field since. Ashley was inspired to enter the medical field by her family; she has many relatives who are physicians and other health care professionals. She is passionate about her career and wants to provide excellent patient care. She aspires to be as helpful to the patients she serves as she would like her family members to be treated. 


Ashley likes to babysit, hike, go to the beach, and listen to music in her spare time. A fun fact about Ashley is that she travels to Mexico City often as most of her family lives there. Ashley loves going to Disneyland, and her favorite movie is Nightmare Before Christmas.

Vascular Neurology of Southern California staff Selena Garcia-Martinez

Selena Garcia-Martinez

Medical Assistant

Selena Garcia-Martinez serves as a Medical Assistant at Vascular Neurology of Southern California. She wanted a career working in a field where she could make a difference and help people. The welfare of patients is very important to her. She finds fulfillment in the healing process of the patients she encounters daily. She has always been drawn to the medical field and began working as a medical assistant in 2019. She is a full-time mom of two and spends as much time as possible with them in her spare time. On the side, Selena is a Make-Up Artist; she enjoys creating gorgeous looks for her clients. While her hobbies and activities of interest primarily revolve around her family, she enjoys reading and writing. A fun fact about Selena is that she is an excellent chef. 

Vascular Neurology of Southern California staff Chase Robledo

Chase Robledo

Medical Scribe

Chase Robledo serves as a Medical Scribe at Vascular Neurology of Southern California. As a scribe, she helps with medical documentation to allow for more personal one-on-one time between doctor and patient. Chase grew up knowing that healthcare was the right career for her. She was inspired by her family members, many of whom work in the industry. She specifically took away a lot from conversations her family had over dinner. They shared stories that ranged from discussions of daily tasks, lifesaving procedures, and most importantly, how meaningful their encounters with patients are. Chase was recruited to Cal State Monterrey Bay in high school after being scouted for softball talent.


After graduating from college, Chase began scribing in the Emergency Department at Los Robel Hospital. She witnessed the fast-paced environment and the various professionals required to ensure comprehensive patient care. Her experience has inspired her to pursue nursing. Chase enjoys hiking, visiting National Parks, gardening, and playing with her little French Bulldog in her spare time. A fun fact about Chase is that she is number six of fifteen cousins.