Dr. Jani

Dr. Jani of Vascular Neurology of Southern California

Meet Dr. Vishal Jani, MD

Vascular Neurology Specialist

Dr. Vishal Jani graduated from one of the largest medical school in Asia, B. J. Medical College, and pursued his postgraduate training at Michigan State University as a neurology resident where he also served as a chief resident in the Department of Neurology.  His sustained research interest in endovascular treatment of neurological diseases allowed him to subsequently finish a Vascular Neurology and NeuroInterventional Surgery Fellowship under the mentorship of eminent national leaders in the Division of Neurosurgery at Michigan State University.
Dr. Vishal Jani received several awards and honors as an active junior faculty committee member in Society of Vascular and Interventional Neurology and Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery and many other national and international professional organizations.  He is actively involved in research as well published in peer-reviewed journals.  His current area of research interest includes future of endovascular stroke technologies and strategic implementation of it for optimization of state-of-the-art care.