December 2023

Primary results from the CLEAR study of a novel stent retriever with drop zone technologyRead Here

November 2023

Anterior circulation location-specific results for stent-assisted coiling – carotid versus distal aneurysms: 1-year outcomes from the Neuroform Atlas Stent Pivotal TrialRead Here

May 2022

First Pass Effect and Location of Occlusion in Recanalized MCA M1 OcclusionsRead Here

December 2021

Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome in Patients with Coronavirus Disease: A Multicenter Case SeriesRead Here

November 2021

“Endovascular therapy in the distal neurovascular territory: results of a large prospective registry” Read Here

May 2021

New Class of Radially Adjustable Stentrievers for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Primary Results of the Multicenter TIGER TrialRead Here

Early Experience with Comaneci, a Newly FDA-Approved Controllable Assist Device for Wide-Necked Intracranial Aneurysm CoilingRead Here

February 2021

ThreeBestRated  “Best Neurologists in Thousand Oaks”  February, 2021 Read Here

September 2020

Conejo Valley Lifestyle  “Brain Aneurysms 101”  September, 2020 Read Here

February 2020

Conejo Valley Lifestyle  “A Lifeline for Stroke Victims” Doyle, Alicia. February 28, 2020 Read Here

“First Pass Effect in Patients Treated With the Trevo Stent-Retriever: A TRACK Registry Study Analysis.”   February 2020.   Read Here

September 2019

“Site Experience and Outcomes in the Trevo Acute Ischemic Stroke (TRACK) Multicenter Registry.”   September 2019.   Read Here

“Effect of balloon guide catheter on clinical outcomes and reperfusion in Trevo thrombectomy.”   September 2019.  Read Here

April 2019

“Intraarterial Thrombolysis as Rescue Therapy for Large Vessel Occlusions.”  April 2019.   Read Here

“Causes of death in glioblastoma: insights from the SEER database.”   April 2019.   Read Here.

“Gliomas: survival differences between metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties.”   April 2019.  Read Here

“Modern operative nuances for the management of eloquent high-grade gliomas.”   April 2019.  Read Here

March 2019

“Design, Application and Infield Validation of a Pre-Hospital Emergent Large Vessel Occlusion Screening Tool: Ventura Emergent Large Vessel Occlusion Score.”  Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases.  March 2019.   Read Here

“Impact of Balloon Guide Catheter Use on Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes in the STRATIS Stroke Thrombectomy Registry.”   March 2019.  Read Here

February 2019

“Ideal sedation for stroke thrombectomy: a prospective pilot single-center observational study.”  February 2019.   Read Here

July 2018

“North American Solitaire Stent Retriever Acute Stroke registry: post-marketing revascularization and clinical outcome results.”  July 2018.   Read Here

“Recent update on basic mechanisms of spinal cord injury.”   July 2018.  Read Here

“Clopidogrel and Aspirin in Acute Ischemic Stroke and High-Risk TIA.”   July 2018.  Read Here

June 2018

“TREVO stent-retriever mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke secondary to large vessel occlusion registry.”   June 2018.  Read Here

March 2018

“First Pass Effect: A New Measure for Stroke Thrombectomy Devices.”  March 2018.   Read Here

“Subarachnoid Trabeculae: A Comprehensive Review of Their Embryology, Histology, Morphology, and Surgical Significance.”  March 2018.    Read Here

“Cranial Osteomyelitis: A Comprehensive Review of Modern Therapies.”   March 2018.   Read Here

February 2018

“A Prospective Multicenter Trial of the TransForm Occlusion Balloon Catheter: Trial Design and Results.”   February 2018.   Read Here

“Clinical and Angiographic Outcomes with the Combined Local Aspiration and Retriever in the North American Solitaire Stent-Retriever Acute Stroke (NASA) Registry.”    February 2018.   Read Here

January 2018

“Falxuplication, a Novel Method for Wrap-Clipping a Fusiform Aneurysm: Technical Note.”   January 2018.  Read Here

December 2017

“Interhospital Transfer Before Thrombectomy Is Associated With Delayed Treatment and Worse Outcome in the STRATIS Registry (Systematic Evaluation of Patients Treated With Neurothrombectomy Devices for Acute Ischemic Stroke).”    December 2017.   Read Here

October 2017

“Systematic Evaluation of Patients Treated With Neurothrombectomy Devices for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Primary Results of the STRATIS Registry.”    October 2017          Read Here

April 2017

“Complete reperfusion mitigates influence of treatment time on outcomes after acute stroke.”  April 2017.  Read More

September 2016

“Rescue Thrombectomy in Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes Leads to Better Outcomes than Intravenous Thrombolysis Alone: A ‘Real World’ Applicability of the Recent Trials.”   September 2016.   Read Here

March 2016

“Predictors of poor outcome despite recanalization: a multiple regression analysis of the NASA registry.”   March 2016.  Read Here

August 2015

“Predictors of Mortality in Acute Ischemic Stroke Intervention: Analysis of the North American Solitaire Acute Stroke Registry.”   August 2015.    Read Here

July 2015

“Early Experience with the TransForm™ Occlusion Balloon Catheter: A Single-Center Study.”   July 2015.   Read Here

December 2014

“Influence of age on clinical and revascularization outcomes in the North American Solitaire Stent-Retriever Acute Stroke Registry.”   December 2014.   Read Here

October 2014

“North American Solitaire Stent Retriever Acute Stroke registry: post-marketing revascularization and clinical outcome results.”   October 2014.   Read Here

November 2012

“Vertebral artery stenting for the treatment of bow hunter’s syndrome: report of 4 cases.”   November 2012.  Read Here

September 2012

“Past, present, and future of endovascular stroke therapies.”   September 2012.   Read Here

April 2012

“A case-control study of stroke risk factors and outcomes in African American stroke patients with and without crack-cocaine abuse.”   April 2012.  Read More

October 2011

“Downward migration of carotid stent on 8 months follow-up imaging: possible stent “watermelon- seeding” effect.”  October 2011.   Read Here

June 2011

“Dissecting aneurysms of posterior cerebral artery: clinical presentation, angiographic findings, treatment, and outcome.”   June 2011.   Read Here

February 2011

“Neurological involvement in patients with falciparum malaria; frequency and prognostic value.”   February 2011.   Read Here

October 2010

“Safety and feasibility of simultaneous ipsilateral proximal carotid artery stenting and cerebral aneurysm coiling.”   October 2010. Read Here